Please help Wifi the Puppy

We found Wifi Last night. Left to die in the cold he was Emaciated, dehydrated, covered in blood and fleas with an injury to his genitals..We are bringing him to our vet in the next hour and desperately need help with the vet bill because he might need an operation. If you can help we would be very grateful any amount no matter how little would help immensely. Here is our chip in > < Or if you rather call our vet an contribute there call in ( 3368893832)and tell them it is for Alexandra von Streer Henderson’s account and that it is for Wifi the puppy. If you cannot donate you will help us a lot if you can share this ad pass this on through the dog networks. Mutanthouse is not a non profit yet therefore it all comes out of Alex’s, Tim's and Kay’s pocket. Thank you so much for your assistance we will keep you updated.


Building a Kennel For Siegfried and Roy

As many of you know We took in Siegfried and Roy because Their former home we returned them to gave them to Crack addicts who where beating them and chained them to trees without shelter.We could not leave them there so we decided to give them permanent refuge at Mutanthouse despite the current space issues.

Once we have built some of our houses there will be ample room but right now we had no idea where to put the boys so they had to live in a car for a few days until we got material together to build them a temporary kennel.

We were Lucky and received large panels as donations from Sue Rogers from RuffLove rescue ( and four smaller ones from our Neighbour and friend Jimmy. Thank you so much you too YOU ROCK!

With our Donated Panels we are ready to Build a home for the boys 😀

Oh I also forgot Sue gave us these dog houses too 😀

So first we sorted out the Pieces and I (ALex) worked a while on fixing holes and repariong what ever need mending.

The Little one will work as Temporary Devider in the Kennel because the boys are having some Puberty issues which we hope will resolve them self once they are Neutered.

The door had some issues so I (Alex) mended it with Wire two oven panels and string 😀 yay

Maybe not to pretty but rock Solid and safe 😉

Once everything was fixed Kay and I (Alex) started building the Kennel

hen TIm Started Weed Wacking in the Kennel

Well he tried but Jimmy’s Weed Wacker has a mind of its own

So Jimmy came to help

After a Little While …

Of Trial and Error

Jimmy got it to work and he did it for us …

There we go 😀

Then Kay and Tim

Put up the tarp roof

Tim has the Tarp Covered

Then Kay and I worked till night to finish up.The pictured are a little dark i will make some new ones tomorrow.

Kay feeding Siegfried ..Roy is with Morgaine at the Beach …

Siegfried seems to like it 😀

I will update some new pix tomorrow 🙂


Please help Luna and Hariette get better!

This Month Two of our seniors are having health issues and will be needing veterinary care.
Our Luna who has been with me (Alex) since I rescued her in Berlin in 2001 and Little Harriette our little chi who was left behind by her former family and came to live with us a few months ago. Both girls are 12 years old Luna will be turning 13 in January and Harry had her Birthday this August.

Luna who is heartworm Positive and on medication for it has been losing her usual strong appetite, she is also slowly going blind. We are really worried about the loss of appetite so we will be bringing her to the vet after the weekend.Harriette has had blood in her Stool and needs to go as well.

While both are otherwise perky these signs are not to be ignored and we hope to avoid serious complications by going to the vet early. Because of the extensive vet bills for Jubilee, and the checkups for Malcolm and Ren our till is empty so if you feel you would like to contribute and help us here is the chip in to our veterinary fund

Giving the Mutanthouse Kittehs room 2 play

The Mutanthouse kittehs have been limited to a small amount of space in the house because not all pooches are good with felines. We want to expand their zone of influence and up their quality of life , for this we want to put a door into the living room and build a large cat enclosure which will wrap around the side and some of the front of the main house.  This is how it looks now

Side of house near what is now still the kitchen

Front of house near entrance

back of house near cat room

And these are some of the ideas we have seen on the net and would like to emulate.

Awesome cat runs :

If you would like to contribute to this project there are several things you can do –

Donate building material – we need:

Wood – planks, poles, fencing, lattice, Doors, posts , pillars
Red or/and black bricks
Stone or concrete tiles
Citronella plants to keep away bugs
Chicken wire

Tin or plexi-glass roof pieces
Old windows
Cat doors
Cat scratching trees
Cat houses
Cat toys
Cedar shaving
Cat hammocks

Or you can donate you time and help build it 😀

Please contact me via message on our Facebook page if you are considering these options:

You can also donate to the cat run fund here >

Every penny help and is appreciated 😀

Concrete canvas, Mutanthouse’s Future ?

I really am interested  in this material and am hoping to be able to procure some. i wrote the company an email , making inquiries on  price , shipping and  if they would be willing to donate leftover material …we shall see  what they answer, i will keep you updated !  This could be a major breakthrough for the project because I could build a lot on my own !