State of the Nation June 5, 2013 very very Long post!

Long time no post, I am well aware and apologise. Things have been quite chaotic here at Mutanthouse but we are working though it. Our financial situation is not the best but it has improved I (Alex) finally received my school funding and Tim has been getting more hours at work. All in all we are only 5 days late on the Mortgage and more money is coming in July which will bring us current.

All in all the past few months have been a challenge My health has been more than wonky, some of our furries had medical emergencies, and we had to take in new residents and some refugees. Once again we had to fight the false allegations of our nemesis across the street( the retched guardian of Poor Axel who we tried to save earlier this year) who has been calling the city and animal control on us claiming anything from that we are collecting trash behind the house to fighting our dogs. We are well aware it is retaliation for making his abuse and neglect of poor Axel Public and while the constant visitations from the law are frustrating they are also unfounded so there are no real consequences just annoyance. We can live with that, and do not regret trying to save his dog nor holding him accountable for his death!

New residents

cats and Kittehs:

In the past few Months we have taken in two more pooches in need and three more kittehs.
The first to Move in was little Oliver a male tuxedo cat who sat in front of Kay and Tim’s door and proclaimed he was moving in. Then there was little Sebastian who Kay found in the Wal-Mart parking lot and the last of the Kittehs to join was Bastet Delilah who like Oliver sat in front of the door for 3 days till we decided that one more won’t kill us. but someone in the cat underworld must be giving out our address because they keep shoeing up πŸ˜›

new cats

The ballad of Little Captain Jack Sparrow and Titine Atari Starfire Empress of Bahuahua:

This part is both sad and happy so brace yourselves. My daughter called me for help she had been trying to help a little boy puppy that was very ill and dying because his guardians forced him baby food when he had become too weak to suckle. The house the poor Pup lived in was a pestilent hell hole full of faeces and cockroaches. The people living there had 5 dogs, two males and 3 females, who all had puppies because those ignorant idiots refused to have all but one of their dogs spayed and neutered. All the puppies where flea and worm ridden and smelled so bad I almost vomited. From the first littler only one little eight week old female was left over. Overall she seemed to be in Ok shape although her belly was grossly extended due to parasite infestation. The second litter, to which the little male puppy belonged, were all four weeks old. All of them where under weight and parasite ridden but the little male was by far the worst off. I (Alex) decided to take him to our vet and whilst driving decided that he was not going to go back there if he would survive. We noticed that the little guy had only one eye and taking that for inspiration we named him Captain Jack Sparrow hoping that the Pirate’s luck in dodging death would rub off on the little guy. It seemed for a little while that he would make it but in the end the worm infestation was too severe and we lost him. I was devastated because he had fought so hard to live. We took Jack home and buried him under our Chinese plum. Although you where just with us for a few hours we love you little jack may you sail the sea of souls happily till we meet again I salute you <3.


We went back to the house of horror to update his former family and to deworm the remaining puppies. I also brought a shot for the little girl because her guardian said that she would not afford to give her her shots when I explained how dangerous Parvo was the woman told me she had had a previous littler that had died from it in the house. Yet she was giving me attitude and was not willing to let the puppy get her shots. 50$ later the pup was mine and we named her Titine Atari Starfire. In two weeks we will be deworming the remaining pups of horror house and will try to find them homes if possible . We are not sure how far these people will let us help though because they waver between threats and greed.

Meet Titine :


The Little girl has recovered well from her worm infestation and is growing like a weed. Titine is very popular of course Momma Moo has taken her under her wing and is (S)mothering her πŸ˜‰ Wifi is completely in love with her and engages in long howl sessions. And she loves Her auntie Kay and Uncle Tim.



Wifi the magnificent:

As you can see in the Picture Our WiFi has grown up to be a strong young man. His problems with gait and running have vanished and he recovered well from his operation. In July he will be undergoing “the Procedure”. We will keep you updated.Our WiFi is very dramatic in nature and very vocal which got him the nick name Dennis Rodman of dogs :p We believe that if he where not a Dog he would be a drag queen with his own show in Hollywood. His favorite pastimes are eating, which is the reason of one of his other nicknames chubby or Chubbo. His best friends are Bhaaloo and Malcolm who he adores and little Titine is the apple of his eye.


Amyrah the Survivour:

Another success story is our Amyrah remember the little shy girl who was afraid of her own shadow well now she is a happy well adjusted girl who is part of the young pack. We are so happy she has found her way out of her shell πŸ˜€



So what else is new at Mutanthouse?

Well we had a few Birthdays. Moobert and Mooria turned 7 on March 10th, Bhaaloo turned 1 on April 3rd, I (Alex) Turned 45(ouch)on April 13th,Cassiopeia turned 6 on May 17th and Kay turned 33. The next Birthday coming up will be Tim’s on June 21st πŸ™‚ Oh and Tim is training for the Boston Marathon and will be running a half marathon in Greensboro in October. Go TIM!


The cat room

We decided to clear out and rearrange the cat room we got rid of all the damaged toys and are currently working on turning several huge branches that was torn down during a storm into a giant cat tree. We will keep you updated on the progress.


As always the Vet bills are killing us between routine checkups, heartworm medication and shots between all our furry beings the cost are up there , add in the occasional rescue , us helping those who refuse to help their animals and random antecedents and the Pacman of wallets does his deed.

PicMonkey Collage

Our Bhaloo got into a scuffle needed an operation on his ear >

bhaaloo ear

Our Sophia has been struggling with her allergies and tested heartworm positive 😦 , we had a lot of Rabies shots last month and Harriet still has issues with her colitis.


If you would like to make a donation to help us with our vet costs or our project in general here is the link to our

WePay >


The refugees:


We have taken in some refugees at Mutanthouse My daughter Morgaine and her fiance Franky were evicted from their home. We decided to let them stay here with my grand furries Misty, Molly,Roy,Tequila and Garfield until things get better. because they are not vegans ands also are not currently interested in becoming part of the project there status here is defined as refugees πŸ˜‰

The amazing Grand Furries:


The garden:

This years garden is very simple no raised beds no real structure but it is a garden and out first step into that venture, We have tomatoes,bell peppers,peppers, watermelons and squash. We have 2 fig trees , 2 banana trees and one pair tree. Our boison berries yelded great this year and we are expanding πŸ™‚


As for myself My health has not been the best so I am trying to go completely raw vegan and want to see if I cannot fix my situation or at least massively improve it.One thing I am planning is to get a membership at the local YCWA so I can go swimming and get some exercise. Tim and I found a Farmers market and a family of farmers who are cutting us great deals so suddenly Raw seems achievable. Β I will be documenting my progress on on a Facebook page called Reclaiming Life >

and on a Blog >

under the same name within the next days.
To date my fave raw dish is spiralised Zucchini with tomatoes πŸ˜€


So that concludes This monster Update, thank you for your interest and continued support. i leave you with this last bit of wisdom πŸ˜‰





Mutanthouse Furry Residents 4 your viewing pleasure ;)

State Of The Nation 1

Roy gets Adopted- :D Happy Tail

As many of you know Roy and his brother Siegfried where found wandering the streets . this bonded pair did not want to separate. After an extensive search for their former family . We decided to let them stay here with us at Mutanthouse. Sadly after a while Siegfried and Roy no longer got along we had to separate them Siegfried will be moving to Atlanta to Live with Alex’ Friend T-ray and Roy was adopted By Alex’ Daughter Morgaine πŸ™‚ Both have a great future full of love in their furever homes πŸ™‚

Zoe and Bhaaloo and a little bit of Siegfried and Roy 2

We here at Mutanthouse are really happy to see how Zoe and Bhaaloo are getting along they have become fast Friends and are inseparable.

Today they went to the vet together to be Spayed and Neutered.

In a Perfect World we could let all doggies have babies, but our world is far from perfect and too many pooches and kittehs die unwanted in shelters. This is why furry Mutanthouse residents are either spayed or neutered; we do not want to contribute to the Shelter suffering and the millions of deaths year.
As I (Alex) type My babies and Siegfried and Roy are at Sheetz pet clinic and all have gone through the procedure.

We will be picking them up shortly. While we wait I thought I would leave you with a treat another video of Zoe and Bhaaloo πŸ˜€


Building a Kennel For Siegfried and Roy

As many of you know We took in Siegfried and Roy because Their former home we returned them to gave them to Crack addicts who where beating them and chained them to trees without shelter.We could not leave them there so we decided to give them permanent refuge at Mutanthouse despite the current space issues.

Once we have built some of our houses there will be ample room but right now we had no idea where to put the boys so they had to live in a car for a few days until we got material together to build them a temporary kennel.

We were Lucky and received large panels as donations from Sue Rogers from RuffLove rescue ( and four smaller ones from our Neighbour and friend Jimmy. Thank you so much you too YOU ROCK!

With our Donated Panels we are ready to Build a home for the boys πŸ˜€

Oh I also forgot Sue gave us these dog houses too πŸ˜€

So first we sorted out the Pieces and I (ALex) worked a while on fixing holes and repariong what ever need mending.

The Little one will work as Temporary Devider in the Kennel because the boys are having some Puberty issues which we hope will resolve them self once they are Neutered.

The door had some issues so I (Alex) mended it with Wire two oven panels and string πŸ˜€ yay

Maybe not to pretty but rock Solid and safe πŸ˜‰

Once everything was fixed Kay and I (Alex) started building the Kennel

hen TIm Started Weed Wacking in the Kennel

Well he tried but Jimmy’s Weed Wacker has a mind of its own

So Jimmy came to help

After a Little While …

Of Trial and Error

Jimmy got it to work and he did it for us …

There we go πŸ˜€

Then Kay and Tim

Put up the tarp roof

Tim has the Tarp Covered

Then Kay and I worked till night to finish up.The pictured are a little dark i will make some new ones tomorrow.

Kay feeding Siegfried ..Roy is with Morgaine at the Beach …

Siegfried seems to like it πŸ˜€

I will update some new pix tomorrow πŸ™‚