Harriette Mutanthouse senior, Fashionista and Pet Ambassador

Harriette now has her own Facebook page Like her and see what she is up to 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harriette-of-Mutanthouse/362566863823272

And remember adopting a senior is a blessing for both adopted and adoptee ❤ we love you Harriette ❤


Luna Needs your Help :(

It looks like Our Luna is ailing from the same illness our Jubilee had and recovered from . Jubilees’s vet bills where around 1500 Luna’s will probably be the same , If you can help please do we could really need it , no donation is to small ❤ Thank you !

Please help Luna and Hariette get better!

This Month Two of our seniors are having health issues and will be needing veterinary care.
Our Luna who has been with me (Alex) since I rescued her in Berlin in 2001 and Little Harriette our little chi who was left behind by her former family and came to live with us a few months ago. Both girls are 12 years old Luna will be turning 13 in January and Harry had her Birthday this August.

Luna who is heartworm Positive and on medication for it has been losing her usual strong appetite, she is also slowly going blind. We are really worried about the loss of appetite so we will be bringing her to the vet after the weekend.Harriette has had blood in her Stool and needs to go as well.

While both are otherwise perky these signs are not to be ignored and we hope to avoid serious complications by going to the vet early. Because of the extensive vet bills for Jubilee, and the checkups for Malcolm and Ren our till is empty so if you feel you would like to contribute and help us here is the chip in to our veterinary fund