A little Help from our friends?



Dear friends and Supporters ❤

As most of you know what we do for the pooches and kitteh’s at Mutanthouse and those in the neighborhood comes out of our own pockets. Now we do get food donations for our animals (thank GOD and our Fairy DOGmother you know who you are) that help immensely but because we have a load of seniors and special needs pooches our vet bill is always up there. This year we have a especially aggressive flea season we tried to combat it with natural means such diatomaceous earth but it has failed miserably and we now have to roll in the big guns. 

Without taking any of our normal vet costs in account the treatment for all our animals for fleas and ticks  runs at 600$ a month . If we include heart worm treatments for everyone and all the other standard cost we are up to about 1000$ a month in vet costs alone. This does not include the stocking up on wound dressings, antibiotics and other medications for emergencies and the fools living around us who refuse to vet their animals.

Right now money is really tight right now at Mutanthouse,  because we had so many unexpected costs in saving Titine and trying to save Little Captain Jack Sparrow, and we could really use some help from you guys. The few donations that we have gotten in the past really helped and any amount counts and makes a difference. So if you can Help Here is the link > https://www.wepay.com/donations/mutanthouse-support-fund

Physical donations like frontline for dogs and cats are also more than welcome and appreciated.

Thank you for your continued interest in our project.


Alex ❤


Sing with titine



Save Mutanthouse!

help 2

Dear friends and supporters we are in trouble here at Mutanthouse. We are 60 days past due on or mortgage. How did we get here? Well a series of very unfortunate events. As you know I (Alex) have been out of work for four years but have been managing by the skin of my teeth, odd jobs , selling my furniture , artwork, Student loans and the likes.
Well the last two months we had a lot of unexpected vet costs and Kay and Tim where evicted from the apartment they were renting across the street. The plan was to fix up the house and then transfer them over but fate wanted it otherwise.

The cleanup and making habitable of some of the rooms cut further into our budget but we thought we would be ok because My (Alex) tax return was going to come in and so was Kay and Tim’s. Then Tim’s place of employment shut down for renovation because he is hourly and not salaried this means two weeks’ worth of pay are not coming in. But we still thought it would be tight but ok because of the tax return – Wrong!

Well the IRs decided to audit my tax return which means that the money will come in god knows when. My scholarship money won’t be here until 4 more weeks by then we will be 3 months past due and they will foreclose on us. The total that we owe them to date is $1342.83 we have $715 of that together which would be one month’s worth plus late fee, but here is the kicker they refuse to take it! They want all or nothing; basically it seems to us that they want our house – but we are not dead yet.

The amount we need is $627.83 we will try anything we can to get the money together but if any of you can contribute and donate to this Wepay I just set up > https://www.wepay.com/donations/save-mutanthouse < we would be more than thankful. In 4 more weeks we will be up and running without a problem but right now everything seems to be out of whack. If you can help please do we are so close to making this place a reality and a benefit to so many animals and people…we do not want to have to give up so close to our goal.
Thank you all for your continued support



Call for help!


Dear Mutanthouse supporters things at Mutanthouse are in total Chaos.
Kay and Tim are getting evicted from their apartment across the street which means I need to let them move in before the house is anywhere near ready for 7 more dog and 4 more cats. Why?- because the handy man apparently was afraid of our Stella who could not hurt a fly and refused to work there 😦 so the land lord pretended not to remember that Kay and Tim had dogs and claimed breach of contract.

As is we have 14 more days to pull this all off and it could have not come at a worse time because my funds ran out last month and I will not be getting any more until March when my scholarship and student loans come in. We are in trouble at this point, my tax return was delayed due to new government policy which was supposed to breach the divide until the school funds hit, and I used up all my emergency funds trying to save poor little Axel the Parvo puppy so were in quite a pickle right now 😛

It is basically total chaos but we have no other choice but to proceed the best as we can and try to ride out these less than stellar days ahead till things get better.
While I can be late on one Mortgage Payment (because I have been current until now) we do have an electric bill of 150 coming in and will have to buy a door to put in between my half of the house and Kay and Tim’s to avoid any doggy fights.

We need to repair the busted pluming, which I had not fixed since it broke again last year (we wanted to wait till we gut the bathroom first to cut costs). I had been using the shower at the apartment but now we need to fix it all ASAP 😡

So right now we could use any monetary donation amount you are able to part with to get us over this rough patch. If you live near us we the following in physical donations would be amazing help > building materials such as bricks, wood, old windows (many of ours are busted), old solid doors, heat treated wood pallets, we need crate bottoms to repair some of our crates and are always thankful for old blankets and towels. we need fence pieces to create spate play areas and any power tools, paint, tiles , ect you can part with …

Here is our donation link thank you for your continued support ❤

Namaste Alex

PicMonkey Collage

Amyrah needs your help

As many of you know Kay and Alex saved two dogs from the dog fighting scum who lived next door and then got arrested. Alex took in Bhaaloo and Kay took in little momma, who we renamed Amyrah.

Both Pooches where obviously abused. Bhaaloo seemed to have recovered better from it then poor Amyrah she was so timid, terrified of men and scared of her own Shadow.

( poor Little Sad Amyrah before we rescued her 😦 )

As you guys might remember the fool who owned her prior had all his dogs chained to trees without shelter and often without food or water. At some point he put out one oil barrel for all four dogs that was never used by any of them because it had the tendency to roll down the hill and he never bothered to retrieve it.
(the Barrel 😡 )

Kay started feeding the pooches because we could not look at them every day and watch them suffer.Then I (Alex)organized dog houses for them as part of our give a pooch house program.

Two months went by where we had to watch the pooches miserable little lives, Amyrah’s chain was far too big for her and she would drag it behind her like the ball and chain of death. She was terrified of it so she would move slowly because she hated the sound it made.
Then Mario was arrested and we deliberated long what could be done …As you know Bhaaloo went to live with Me (Alex) and Amyrah first moved into one of our outside pens.

Slowly she warmed up to Kay, but it was a very painful process. Poor Amyrah was terrified and any wrong move could send her to crawl into her doghouse 😦

A few days before Halloween We decided to bring her into the house because there was talk of idiots targeting Pitbulls on Halloween and we did not want to take a chance that the little girl could get hurt.
Amyrah was so grateful and happy and she got on so well with Kay and Tim’s cats that they decided to keep her inside permanently. She has not been integrated into their pack yet but we are working on it 🙂

(taking Walks is fun- Amyrah discovers the world beyond the chain )

(cuddling with Momma on the sofa )

(happy baby learns to Smile )

At this point she is trusting and stable enough that we can finally take her to our vet. The last 2 months however have depleted our veterinary budget and we are hoping that maybe some of you can help us with her upcoming vet bill she will need to get a full physical including heartworm test and her shots.
We are thinking everything will run around $150-200. If you could contribute toward this we would be more than thankful as you know we are not a non profit yet and 99% is coming out of our own pockets.
Her chip in is here >

Any amount is appreciated no matter how small.

Thank you for your interest and continued support –

Alex and Amyrah

(sleeping on the couch with her favourite toy )

Please help Wifi the Puppy

We found Wifi Last night. Left to die in the cold he was Emaciated, dehydrated, covered in blood and fleas with an injury to his genitals..We are bringing him to our vet in the next hour and desperately need help with the vet bill because he might need an operation. If you can help we would be very grateful any amount no matter how little would help immensely. Here is our chip in > http://mutanthouseproject.chipin.com/help-wifi-the-puppy < Or if you rather call our vet an contribute there call in ( 3368893832)and tell them it is for Alexandra von Streer Henderson’s account and that it is for Wifi the puppy. If you cannot donate you will help us a lot if you can share this ad pass this on through the dog networks. Mutanthouse is not a non profit yet therefore it all comes out of Alex’s, Tim's and Kay’s pocket. Thank you so much for your assistance we will keep you updated.

Siggy wants his mommy or Help Bring Siegfried Home

Dear friends and supporters as you might know Siegfried one of our rescue pups we saved from the streets of High Point does not get along with our other dogs. Otherwise he is a big loving goof who wants nothing more than to lick and love on you and is a great companion period. We at Mutanthouse have found the perfect home for our boy, with Alex’ friend T-ray -who can’t wait to be with her new family member.

This is our dilemma the trip to Atlanta from High Point (round-trip) will cost between $480 and $500. While we can probably come up with a third between Tim and Alex once money comes in it will not be until the end of October. Currently Siegfried is living in Kay’s car because, like his human counterpart, he is a master escape artist. He has eaten though crates, the outside kennel we built and basically lives confined to the car and the 4 time a day play time we can give him. This is not a life for a dog!

(Siegfried on the day of his neutering. Not a happy pup 😦 – Tim is holding him and in the back you can see the car he has been living in – we need to get him out and with his mommy – please help http://mutanthouseproject.chipin.com/help-bring-siggy-home < so we can bring him ourselves we would be so very thankful. Please help us get Siegfried to the loving home he deserves.

Thank you

When it rains it pours :( or how Kay and Tim became homeless –Again!

Dear Mutanthouse supporters,
It seems our bad luck keeps on coming 😦

We just found out that both Morgaine and Franky (Alex Daughter and her boyfriend) and Kay and Tim are being evicted. Morgaine lives in an apartment across of Mutanthouse and we had rented the apartment next to her for Kay and Tim until we could build their house on the property. Today we found out that the apartments are now under new management and they just gave us our 30 day notice.

This comes as a large blow because we invested so much in fixing both apartments and creating a living space for Siegfried and Roy that we now have no idea what to do. Right now we have to rehome two households Morgaine and Franky with their 3 dogs and two cats and Kay and Tim with their 5 dogs and 3 cats, plus poor Siegfried who just received his kennel and now will have to relocate here on the Mutanthouse property.

We are in desperate need of help Kay, Tim and I are looking into getting a caravan they can move into as temporary solution, but Morgaine with her disability and brain tumour cannot live like that. Due to the water and sewage damage in the Main house there is currently no inhabitable space at Mutanthouse for them. We need help desperately because the landlord already collected Morgaine’s rent and she has no money to move or for a security deposit. We also have no idea where to put her.

So we are asking for help if any of your are able to. Morgaine who is a stroke survivor needs to find a place to rent (up to $450 a month), where she can take her 3 dogs and 2 cats with her, within the next 29 days. So if you know of anything in a 50 mile radius around high point, NC that fits that description please let us know. She would prefer a house if possible and does not mind if it needs a little repair.

We also have to come up with $1500-2500 for a camper for Kay and Tim and their babies. Because of the Illnesses and the deaths of the last two months and Kay and Tim’s recent move here our funds are completely depleted, we are in desperate need of help because of the short time frame we have no idea how to deal with this new blow.
If it is in any way possible that you can donate to Kay and Tim relocation fund we would be very thankful. Or even better if you have an RV trailer or camper you could donate or sell us for cheep or in instalment, or could lend us it would be extremely helpful. Please contact us over here or our FB page >
http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Mutanthouse-Project/193566447344664 and let us know.

We found this beautiful one online and are looking into it and hope it is still available.

If you can donate here is the link to the Kay and Tim Relocation fund >
Any amount helps no matter how little ❤ if you cannot donate please pass it on.

Thank you for your time
Alex of Mutanthouse