WiFi the puppy update <3

First of all we would like to say thank you to all that have been helping with our Wifi. He is recovering extremely well and your donations are helping us immensely. If he keeps recovering this well he will need only a few more vet visits and then he can move into normal puppyhood: D yay!
Wifi is on few medications but only until the beginning of next week then he will be done with them. next week he will also be getting rid of his stitches which means YAY! He is however on costly speciality food because he needs to recover from his emaciation which he is he gained # pounds the last week YAY!
If you would like yo contribute to his recover our chip in for him can be found here >

thank you all for your amazing support ❤

Namaste Alex and Wifi


Update on Wifi the Puppy :D

So our little guy is now home and doing really well all things considered. He is on antibiotics and pain killers and is forced to wear “the Evil cone “. Our vet says his chances are really good athat an amputation will not happen – YaY! He is a real trooper and complains little, he is alert and sweet and thankful for any bit of love he gets. He is eating well we have a little video for you guys here of him eating lunch – we apologise for the darkness it was done in Morgaine’s living room which does not have a lot of natural light. > Video > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7z8gA9Xy50
There are new pix of him in his recovery album >
as well as his personal album. > http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.492723767428929.120337.193566447344664&type=3
And the Group shots Album 😀 >
Enjoy 😀

Tim and Wifi 😀

In the next days he will Also have his own Page 😀 Once again all of you for the support and all the help 🙂
Namaste Alex

Wifi the puppy – mini update!

Just called the vet Wifi is doing well, the stitches are holding and everything seems like it might heal without amputation. Wifi was fed and ate well 😀 , he was able to pee which is a really good sign . All in all he is in good spirits I will be calling the vet around three to see if I (Alex) can take him home. Because he cannot keep warm by himself I bought him a few sweaters and an extra soft puppy bed. There will be pictures 😉 He will be on a high end speciality diet to fatten him up and will need regular vet care for a while , but we are very optimistic that this little guy will not only pull through but thrive 😉 Once again thank you everyone for helping and sharing.

Wifi the puppy- Update

Update so far Little Wifi is staying the night at our vet . he received minor surgery to put his poor penis back in its sheath then our vet stitched his shaft and is hoping it will heal . tomorrow we will assess if he can go home . If things are not better by tomorrow our vet will have to amputate a part if not all of his poor penis 😦 Our baby was treated for hookworms and fleas and was well fed tonight . i will update everyone tomorrow. We at Mutanthouse would like to thank all the kind people donating toward Wifi’s vetbill it has been a blessing and really helps a lot ❤