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The death of Lennox the dog -what the execution of an innocent pooch says about the state of humanity

Mutanthouse would like to extend our sincere condolences to Lenox family; our hearts go out to you and poor Lennox who was murdered today. This morning the Belfast city council proclaimed that Lennox the dog had been euthanized in what they call a humane manner Let us disregard the fact, for a minute, that killing a healthy animal and depriving it of a life is far from humane and ask ourselves how can this death have been any crueller? Lennox was no allowed visits from his family, he was held in solitary confinement in a small concrete cell, left to vegetate in his own farcies with no toys or companionship. At the day of his death he was left to face the needle or whatever method used alone , no one who loved him was allowed to calm his fear and give him some warmth to cross over, did he wish for his family …for the little girl he so loved ? Did he resist? Did he believe his family wanted him there? Did he ask himself why and hope for something or someone to come save him? Did the handlers find it in themselves to at least treat him with kindness in his last minutes or did they yell and rag him as documented previously? These are things we the Public and more importantly Lennox Family will never find out, because they where denied access to their family member.

For the last few there were no sightings of Lennox which opens a line of thought that is as evil as any movie plot. Was Lennox already dead? Did he succumb to the previously documented blatant neglect and mistreatment by the BCC officials? It would definitely give us a logical explanation to the refusal to grant the pooch one more last moment of happiness and love. It would explain why the BCC refused to grant Lennox asylum in the U.S where prominent dog behaviourists Caesar Milan and Victoria Stilwell offered to give him a home. Stilwell even flew out to Northern Ireland to negotiate with the minister of agriculture Michelle O’Neil sadly to no avail. Perhaps the most baffling rejection was that toward Northern Irelands First minister Peter Robinson who stepped in for the Pooch and basically found himself ignored and rejected with the 300.000 documented worldwide protestors. All this smells like conspiracy and cover up …if it quacks like a duck …just saying…

While finding the truth remains important everything from this point forward is bitter. Although the usually fluff bunnies would like to point to a deeper meaning in this loss, and their very might well be some metaphysical connection, factually Lennox is dead and he died feeling unwanted and unloved! NOTHING CAN MAKE THAT BETTER! If there is an afterlife i am certain Lennox is in doggy heaven with a bone and angels to play with …but what if there is no afterlife? And even with an afterlife what could ever justify the killing of an innocent?

Factually in the here and now the BCC abused power, lied and got away with it with no apparent ramifications! First they clarified Lennox as Pittbull when he was genetically proven not to be one (not even a mix). Lennox was a bulldog Labrador mix! When the Pittbull angle failed to impress they offered their next bogus argument and claimed that Lennox had not been registered or properly vetted, which was disproven the minute they uttered it with ample documentation of proper registration, vet papers and DNA registry. The list of crazy reasoning went on and on, just to be refuted and disproven every time. for some reason however the court decided to believe lies such as the false statement of handlers like Alexandra Lightfoot who perjured herself in court by claiming Lennox to be so vicious she refused to go near him. The problem is that the public and the defence had ample photographic evidence of Lightfoot hugging Lennox and the pooch rewarding her with soft submissive kisses! Still nothing was done to punish Lightfoot or the BCC who set her up to it! This is disturbing but it also paints a clear picture of our current society and legal system. We are in grave trouble when innocents are killed and the corrupt go Scott free!

below Alexandra (Sandy) Lightfoot with Lennox

In the past few months we have seen many protests spread like wildfire over the globe, targeting the status quo and corrupt and achieving little of consequence despite ample support of the public. Like the fight for Lennox the industrial /Political goliath has proven to big of a giant to tackle with the usual means. If we want to change this world we need to move away from the idea that anyone can grant us the right to anything or that we are accountable to any government who’s refuses to be accountable to us. We need to grow up , humans today live in a “ do for me “reality . The problem is that if one lets other do everything one also looses the ability to think and do for one self. We are infantilised and mainstream culture makes sure to provide ample distraction to keep us from noticing just how warped societies ethics and methods have become.
From time to time injustices like Lennox case pierce the veil for a short time but instead of taking these revelations to its natural conclusion people slowly tether off into the fuzziness of everyday survival and nothing significantly changes. The thing is to change this world we need t change us as individuals; from the ground up! Lennox case is heart breaking and horrific but in the greater picture his execution is but a symptom of a toxic humanity.

Our world is in Peril by our own making, in today’s society corporations are worth more than the lives of millions human and non human innocents. Humanity has progressively conditioned itself to equate autonomy with selfishness we need to reverse that process if we want to survive as a species. We have to stop thinking of Land and nature as something we use and own –We are its guardians as best at our worst we are its destroyer! We have to stop putting our own addiction to quick fixes and comfort before the lives of the collective human and nonhuman inhabitants of this planet. Humans are literally Terra’s boogieman -we torture even those we profess to love and have enslaved and extinct more species than any other lifeform in known history. Our justification we need to do this to survive, or we need to torture animals to make sure products are safe, or we need to confine brutalise and kill animals to tantalise our pallets. Wo cares if our greed leads to global warming, the death of a starving child every 2 seconds or the endless suffering of non human races. Comfort, possession and profit are everything! Right?

If something goes wrong we will fudge facts to subdue the public and ensure their continued loyalty and willingness to consume … if that does not work we will use brute force against them or start a war somewhere to distract them ….the list goes on and on and most readers will get the general picture of what I am trying to point out here. In a world this self centred, where human and animal life are expendable, where ruthlessness is rewarded is it any surprise that something like Lennox story could happen? We are conditioned from childhood to look away to desensitise.” Don’t look at that homeless man he is filthy you will get lice all he wants is money for booze , do not dare to touch that mangy cat I do not care if she is bleeding go wash your hands, stop whining and eat that chicken it was made to be eaten you are being ridiculous “. This is the climate we are raised in and people like the councilmen and woman of the BCC are the result.

Any Protest against solitary injustices will just be a Band-Aid on the real problem; even if they are individually successful. The only way to end the madness that has become our reality is a reboot of our society. I don’t mean Zombie apocalypse although I do sometimes fantasise about it when my disgust levels are up, I mean a total reboot of the individual. It is a process, for me it meant to start working on only engaging in behaviour I could stand behind 100%. I went from vegetarian to vegan for two reasons, compassion toward the non humans suffering at our hands but also compassion toward the millions starving because of the meat and dairy industry and the future generations we will be leaving this planet to. I decided to create Mutanthouse because I would like to create a space in which I can live independently, by the ethical principles I believe in and offer others the same opportunity. I believe strongly that living by example is more potent than words will ever be. I am work in progress, but I am at least on my journey. Part of this journey is the realisation that any suffering I encounter concerns me and that I cannot back down from trying to do something about it. As critical a state this world is in sugar coating is a luxury none of us has anymore , truth is what will blow things open, actions not words will give change the needed momentum.

As Lennox joins the millions of suffering nonhumans brutalised and unjustly murdered by our hands. I intend to honour his suffering with action; I will protect humans and non humans from brutality and exploitation to the best of my ability. I will build Mutanthouse to secure a haven for humans and non humans in need. I will speak nothing but truth because this world of lies creates breeding ground for the corrupt and the complacent. I will fight my inner daemons, work on living what I preach and strive to better myself on a daily basis. I will rather walk alone the compromise myself and the life of others and I will work on not letting fear influence my decision-making and actions but stare evil,corruption and world destroyers in the face and stand against them when needed.

Lennox Story makes blatantly clear that change needs to come, and while I wish the outcome where different, and my heart bleeds for a happy ending I and many others need to face our ugly reality. Only then can we make sure that innocents are no longer murdered for profit, pleasure or power. Change begins in our own mind and actions.
R.I.P Lennox safe travel, please watch over us and wish us luck we will need it.

No Hope For Lennox the Dog? How the Belfast city council defies the world!

Most will know the Story of Lennox the Dog, The poor pooch was imprisoned two years ago and sentenced to death by the Belfast city council because he was deemed to be a Pittbull type dog which falls under a nationwide ban. We at Mutanthouse Support Lennox and his Family! Lennox has done nothing wrong, he did not bite or even growl at anyone to prompt his incarceration. When the Family Lennox belonged to proved that Lennox was not a Pittbull and demanded he should be returned to them the authorities changed their tune, suddenly they claimed their experts had deemed Lennox highly aggressive and dangerous and refused to surrender him.

From this point on a legal battle ensued between Lennox Family and the city council. The council did not refrain from using lies and deceit to justify their behaviour, and although those lies where disproven the family lost the court case and every subsequent appeal. The injustice of the claims and the court ruling have sparked a global outrage rallying millions of supporters to the cause. Amongst these supporter are prominent Dog Specialists Caesar Milan and Victoria Stilwell who both offered to take Lennox into their own households in the U.S – they where declined an answer.

(the Horrific condition of Lennox as he was last seen)

Not wanting to give up on the case English born Stillwell travelled to Belfast to negotiate on Lennox Behalf with Minister of Agriculture, Michelle O’Neil, who held the power to appeal on Lennox behalf but chose not to help the poor pooch. ( write her an Email and tell her what you think ). Northern Ireland’s First Minister Peter Robinson stepped in to try to save Lennox, but his request was rebuffed as well. At this point everything seems hopeless, but we cannot give up as long as the pooch might still be alive.

Lennox who has been held in abdominal conditions will be executed tomorrow the 11 of July if nothing is done to prevent it. The city council has denied the Families request to say good bye to their beloved dog and where also denied the right to burial and the body for autopsy.

We need every opposing voice to email and call and protest this horrendous act of injustice – Please get involved – Free Lennox!

free lennox

Call the Belfast City Council and tell them you oppose their conduct and ruling !Demand Truth and a pardon for Lennox ! phone #011442890320202

Ways you can Help !

Via~ Jessica No Bsl Navarro: Attention Lennox Army…If your following the Lennox Story from Belfast Ireland, info as follows :

CNN has received a lot of our calls and they are considering running Lennox’s story right now, but they need to be contacted NOW! Get this number out there people! Let’s get Lennox’s story on CNN!!!!!! (404)827-1500. I called and they have a recorded message saying if you would like to comment on Lennox’s story to press 1. Then you leave a recorded comment! Or email Joan at But remember- they can HEAR your passion if you call!!!!!!

Patrice Ann Dalton A fellow activist posted this statement and the list of emails in one of the save Lennox forums please put it to good use:

Just sent a note to every MLA in the Northern Ireland assembly asking them for their support for the Victoria Stilwell offer. Please write to them now! Time is running out! Here are their addresses. Please be polite and positive. Copy and paste the list of addresses into your email. Thank you.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Save Lennox Facebook Page :

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Save Lennox Campaign links are as follows:
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Mutanthouse Stands with Lennox !

This is a Letter I sent to Michelle O’Neill, Northern Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development. She holds the last appeal for Lennox the poor pooch who was framed and has been held in doggy prison for over a year now. He is awaiting execution although he has never bitten or attacked anyone. Please write her an e-mail to tell her how you feel and ask her to pardon Lennoxand release him to his family or one of the Dogtrasiners who have offered to give him a home.Below is the ministers email, please make good use of it!

Here the letter I sent her Lets hope it does something …I feel so sad for this poor pooch look how sad he looks 😦

Dear Minister O’Neill,

At this point you have probably received countless emails asking you to please pardon Lennox, the poor pooch who was framed and sentenced to death. I would like to respectfully align myself amongst these petitioners and beg for mercy for this Dog, who has never harmed anyone and is being murdered for the sole reason of breed.

Ample evidence has been presented that the city council has given multiple false statements on the character of Lennox committed perjury to the highest degree without consequence and seemingly with great success. This cruel and villainous behavior captured a world audience who after watching this travesty unfold has built resentment, not only toward the men and women in office who are responsible, but also against your country. If Lennox should be executed I believe there will be extensive economical and diplomatic ramifications.

Your tourist industry will, more than likely, suffer a severe blow considering the emotional climate and posts on numerous social networking sites. This might not bode well with corporate investors who would like to invest in your country and industry.

In truth however the only valid reason is the saving of an innocent life. Lennox is suffering, and because he is a non human he has no reasoning on why he was taken from his family and left in rot in a cold lonely cell. Dogs are social creatures and the prolonged isolation is comparable to torture, what has this being done to justify this? Can you justify this to yourself?

If however Lennox suffering is deemed irrelevant to you and you cannot find Mercy for a poor lonely mistreated being, I implore you to at least take the economic ramifications into account and grant Lennox a pardon on these grounds If you do not want him in your country there is always the option of exile, he has been offered sanctuary by numerous prominent dog trainers and behavioral experts in and outside of your country. I beg you to either hand him back to his grieving family or to another loving source willing to provide him with a new lease on life.

In good faith that the right and honorable decision will be made –

Alexandra xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx