Giving the Mutanthouse Kittehs room 2 play

The Mutanthouse kittehs have been limited to a small amount of space in the house because not all pooches are good with felines. We want to expand their zone of influence and up their quality of life , for this we want to put a door into the living room and build a large cat enclosure which will wrap around the side and some of the front of the main house.  This is how it looks now

Side of house near what is now still the kitchen

Front of house near entrance

back of house near cat room

And these are some of the ideas we have seen on the net and would like to emulate.

Awesome cat runs :

If you would like to contribute to this project there are several things you can do –

Donate building material – we need:

Wood – planks, poles, fencing, lattice, Doors, posts , pillars
Red or/and black bricks
Stone or concrete tiles
Citronella plants to keep away bugs
Chicken wire

Tin or plexi-glass roof pieces
Old windows
Cat doors
Cat scratching trees
Cat houses
Cat toys
Cedar shaving
Cat hammocks

Or you can donate you time and help build it 😀

Please contact me via message on our Facebook page if you are considering these options:

You can also donate to the cat run fund here >

Every penny help and is appreciated 😀


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