The death of Martin Richard and why we are all responsible…


The Boston shootings are horrible especially the death of that little boy Martin Richard who was only 8 😦

But seriously does this surprise any of you? We life in an overpopulated space crammed up like sardines, the divide between those that have and those that suffer and do not have is becoming bigger every day as are the numbers of those who do not have. We live in a world where we teach our children that killing and enslavement is ok if you find the right reason.

Oh these beings taste good so we will enslave and torture them, steal their children and feast on their corpses. Do you not see that this is the first step into the desensitization of violence? Then the same kids are brainwashed to believe that their country is the best and that anyone who lives or thinks differently is inferior. They are taught that we have the right to infiltrate and wage war on other countries because of our “moral superiority”. That war justifies killing, that innocents killed during war are and appropriate price to pay. We teach our children to disrespect the planet they live on, to ravage it to feed our greed.

We feed these children of ours gen manipulated food which is proven to kill rats, impair cognitive function, we drink water laced with heavy metals known to impair both cognitive and emotional centers in the brain. So why on earth does it surprise you that our society is becoming more and more dysfunctional and violent ? And more importantly I ask -if this act of violence that happened in Boston, or any act for that matter, bothers you – what are you doing to prevent it?

What are you doing to make this world a safe and better place? The fight begins and ends with you, with every choice you make, every action you undertake, every person/organization you support, every time you turn a blind eye to injustice or take the convenient way out. Are you still waiting for some savior or politician to set the world straight? Then let me tell you they are not coming it is up to you to be your own savior, grow up!Take responsibility and do what you can in your field of influence and it will spread and ripple I promise you!

R.I.P Little Martin Richard may the world learn the right thing from your death and finally get it! My condolences, well wishes and prayers go out to your family who is still praying for your mother and sister to recover ❤

Alex of Mutanthouse 2013


Save Mutanthouse!

help 2

Dear friends and supporters we are in trouble here at Mutanthouse. We are 60 days past due on or mortgage. How did we get here? Well a series of very unfortunate events. As you know I (Alex) have been out of work for four years but have been managing by the skin of my teeth, odd jobs , selling my furniture , artwork, Student loans and the likes.
Well the last two months we had a lot of unexpected vet costs and Kay and Tim where evicted from the apartment they were renting across the street. The plan was to fix up the house and then transfer them over but fate wanted it otherwise.

The cleanup and making habitable of some of the rooms cut further into our budget but we thought we would be ok because My (Alex) tax return was going to come in and so was Kay and Tim’s. Then Tim’s place of employment shut down for renovation because he is hourly and not salaried this means two weeks’ worth of pay are not coming in. But we still thought it would be tight but ok because of the tax return – Wrong!

Well the IRs decided to audit my tax return which means that the money will come in god knows when. My scholarship money won’t be here until 4 more weeks by then we will be 3 months past due and they will foreclose on us. The total that we owe them to date is $1342.83 we have $715 of that together which would be one month’s worth plus late fee, but here is the kicker they refuse to take it! They want all or nothing; basically it seems to us that they want our house – but we are not dead yet.

The amount we need is $627.83 we will try anything we can to get the money together but if any of you can contribute and donate to this Wepay I just set up > < we would be more than thankful. In 4 more weeks we will be up and running without a problem but right now everything seems to be out of whack. If you can help please do we are so close to making this place a reality and a benefit to so many animals and people…we do not want to have to give up so close to our goal.
Thank you all for your continued support



State of the Nation February 24, 2013


Greetings Fans and supporters and Planet.

Mutanthouse is in flux, chaos and transformation. In a way Tim and Kay’s eviction from the apartment we rented across the street was the kick in the tuches we needed to get in gear. As is Kay and Tim and their furries will be moving into the main house in six days and we have been trying to make it as liveable as possible. At the moment we are somewhat monetarily challenged because my school funds have come in yet, Tim’s hours at work have been cut to almost half and we used our emergency budget to try to save poor Axel the Parvo puppy.


Despite our challenges we are confident that 2013 is going to be the year of big positive transformation at Mutanthouse.
Within the next 5 weeks we intend on moving me down stairs, Moving Kay and Tim upstairs, having pluming fixed, Creating and planting the first part of our vegetable garden, painting the face of the house blue , prettying up the front yard, finally moving Lucky and Burt Burt inside… We will be posting Pictures and keeping you updated.

If you would like to help us there are two ways you can do this:
1-by donating funds here > Our donation link >


Any amount no matter how small helps and is greatly appreciated! All donations will be used to fix the house and foster the Project, buy supplies for our garden and seeds, make sure the Furries are vetted, fed and spoiled or to helping abused and neglected animals and children in our neighborhood. If you have specific wishes what your donation should go to please specify it in the comment or send us a message to our Facebook page ( )


Or another way you can help is donating physical Items both used and new. We appreciate all gifts this is a great way of getting rid of stuff you might not need and helping us build the project and help animals and children.

What we need >

logo1 copy
For the furries:
Dog beds , cat beds, blankets , Dog food cat food , dog houses (for dogs who have no shelter in the neighbourhood), gift cards to pets mart , dog brushes , leashes , cat toys , dog toys, cat litter, litter boxes , scratch trees , cat and dog furniture , treats , collars , bowls , towels , Pet crates and whatever else you might think is useful.

14383930-dirty-under-construction-sign copy For the house we need:

Glass bricks, paint , Wood ( ply wood , beams , studs , panels ) , a cement mixer , shingles for both roof and house , nails , polyurethane, power tools , tools , window glass , old doors , old windows , cement , Cog , sand , gravel , tiles , bricks, stone blocks , pipes , wiring , scaffolding , ladders , ducttape , roller pins , paint brushes , wallpaper , wallpaper glue, buckets , gutters , wire , wood beams , poles , bamboo fencing , fence pieces (both chain link and wood ) , gates and fence posts and whatever else you might think is useful.

For the garden we need:
Seeds , planters , fruit trees , plants , nut trees ,garden tools , arbours , decorative items , play ground toys for neighbourhood kids , bamboo trees and seeds , benches, tables for the community space, pots, concrete tiles , stone tiles, Train ties, boulders, gravel, bricks, fertile soil, bio mulch, bio compost, wheel barrows, garden hoses and watering cans, rain barrels, wine barrels and whatever else you might think is useful.

So that pretty much sums it up for now as always thank you for your support , wish us luck 🙂

Call for help!


Dear Mutanthouse supporters things at Mutanthouse are in total Chaos.
Kay and Tim are getting evicted from their apartment across the street which means I need to let them move in before the house is anywhere near ready for 7 more dog and 4 more cats. Why?- because the handy man apparently was afraid of our Stella who could not hurt a fly and refused to work there 😦 so the land lord pretended not to remember that Kay and Tim had dogs and claimed breach of contract.

As is we have 14 more days to pull this all off and it could have not come at a worse time because my funds ran out last month and I will not be getting any more until March when my scholarship and student loans come in. We are in trouble at this point, my tax return was delayed due to new government policy which was supposed to breach the divide until the school funds hit, and I used up all my emergency funds trying to save poor little Axel the Parvo puppy so were in quite a pickle right now 😛

It is basically total chaos but we have no other choice but to proceed the best as we can and try to ride out these less than stellar days ahead till things get better.
While I can be late on one Mortgage Payment (because I have been current until now) we do have an electric bill of 150 coming in and will have to buy a door to put in between my half of the house and Kay and Tim’s to avoid any doggy fights.

We need to repair the busted pluming, which I had not fixed since it broke again last year (we wanted to wait till we gut the bathroom first to cut costs). I had been using the shower at the apartment but now we need to fix it all ASAP 😡

So right now we could use any monetary donation amount you are able to part with to get us over this rough patch. If you live near us we the following in physical donations would be amazing help > building materials such as bricks, wood, old windows (many of ours are busted), old solid doors, heat treated wood pallets, we need crate bottoms to repair some of our crates and are always thankful for old blankets and towels. we need fence pieces to create spate play areas and any power tools, paint, tiles , ect you can part with …

Here is our donation link thank you for your continued support ❤

Namaste Alex

PicMonkey Collage

The story of Axel the Parvo puppy <3 R.I.P


This is sweet Little Axel who died a horrible death because of irresponsible guardians. We at Mutanthouse had offered to vaccinate our poor little doggy friend as soon as we noticed that Our Neighbor who has a history of animal neglect had him. We were sent away with insults.

Two days ago another Neighbour begged us to help poor Axel because he was sick and Axel’s Mother had asked him for help because her boyfriend was not willing to pay for a vet to see him. Axel had Parvo and we thought he had a good chance because he had only a low grade fever..We put him on IV fluids, Antibiotic and the usual anti vomit b12 cocktail that our vet made for us. Our vet also noticed he had a heart murmur which worried me (Alex) but considering that he was responsive we hoped it would not become a problem.

Sadly Axel passed away …This was an UNNECESSARY DEATH! This did not have to happen had his guardians taken their beer money and had given him his immunizations or at least let us do it for their lazy careless behinds! Axel’s Dad is a repeat offender yet the law does nothing to prevent people like him to neglect and kill their fur children Axel’s mom was to afraid to stand up for her pup till it was too late…please learn from these peoples mistakes and do not be like them PARVO KILLS! Vaccinate your Animal companions!

Please spare a prayer for little Axel may he run free over the rainbow bridge and please educate anyone you know who is neglecting their animal companions medical care.

Run free little baby Axel it was an honour to know you R.I.P you will be missed and never forgotten ♥

Henry the Owlet – a soft sculpture

I (Alex) have made another one of my soft sculptures . Unlike the fox >
Henry is not for sale but was made for Kay who loves Owlets 🙂
Enjoy 😀

Kay and Henry meet for the first time :D

Kay and Henry meet for the first time 😀