A little Help from our friends?



Dear friends and Supporters ❤

As most of you know what we do for the pooches and kitteh’s at Mutanthouse and those in the neighborhood comes out of our own pockets. Now we do get food donations for our animals (thank GOD and our Fairy DOGmother you know who you are) that help immensely but because we have a load of seniors and special needs pooches our vet bill is always up there. This year we have a especially aggressive flea season we tried to combat it with natural means such diatomaceous earth but it has failed miserably and we now have to roll in the big guns. 

Without taking any of our normal vet costs in account the treatment for all our animals for fleas and ticks  runs at 600$ a month . If we include heart worm treatments for everyone and all the other standard cost we are up to about 1000$ a month in vet costs alone. This does not include the stocking up on wound dressings, antibiotics and other medications for emergencies and the fools living around us who refuse to vet their animals.

Right now money is really tight right now at Mutanthouse,  because we had so many unexpected costs in saving Titine and trying to save Little Captain Jack Sparrow, and we could really use some help from you guys. The few donations that we have gotten in the past really helped and any amount counts and makes a difference. So if you can Help Here is the link > https://www.wepay.com/donations/mutanthouse-support-fund

Physical donations like frontline for dogs and cats are also more than welcome and appreciated.

Thank you for your continued interest in our project.


Alex ❤


Sing with titine



One Last Goodbye

September 18th 2012 My life changed forever when I (Alex ) Lost my companion of almost 13 years. She was my sidekick who travelled with me across the ocean to America, never skipping a beat. Luna our grand dame oldest Mutanthouse Resident crossed the rainbow bridge after a short but violent illness. I still can’t really comprehend.

She was the perfect dog, always kind and caring, always listened and understood 3 languages perfectly. Her favourite toy was her Kong, she was loved by all … foster mother to kittens and puppies and a bunny neutering was in her nature. The world lost a bright light…I hope it shines in heaven now …I had to wait until now to make a tribute because looking at photographs and the few videos I had of her was too painful. I miss her daily 😥

State Of The Nation 1

Saying Goodbye to LUNA R.I.P

It is with great Sadness that I, Alex and Mutanthouse Must announce that our Luna passed this morning.She was the pack momma , the perfect DOG, my soulmate , closer to me then most humans. She fought bravely yet lost . Life will never be the same without her. R.I.P my love Godspeed and safe voyage!

To attend her virtual wake go here >

Pray For LUNA :(

Our Luna is not doing well at all she is weak , hardly eating anything and it seems very tired 😦 I (Alex) am extreamly worried and saddened by this Luna has been my companion for the last 13 years and while i know that she has lived a good and full life (and longer then any vet’s prognosis) i just can’t imagine a life without her .

PLEASE PRAY FOR LUNA – she really needs it .

and if you would like to help with her growing vet bills you can donate here >

Or Message me and i can give you the number of the vet where you can leave a credit on the account . – thank you all !