The death of Martin Richard and why we are all responsible…


The Boston shootings are horrible especially the death of that little boy Martin Richard who was only 8 😦

But seriously does this surprise any of you? We life in an overpopulated space crammed up like sardines, the divide between those that have and those that suffer and do not have is becoming bigger every day as are the numbers of those who do not have. We live in a world where we teach our children that killing and enslavement is ok if you find the right reason.

Oh these beings taste good so we will enslave and torture them, steal their children and feast on their corpses. Do you not see that this is the first step into the desensitization of violence? Then the same kids are brainwashed to believe that their country is the best and that anyone who lives or thinks differently is inferior. They are taught that we have the right to infiltrate and wage war on other countries because of our “moral superiority”. That war justifies killing, that innocents killed during war are and appropriate price to pay. We teach our children to disrespect the planet they live on, to ravage it to feed our greed.

We feed these children of ours gen manipulated food which is proven to kill rats, impair cognitive function, we drink water laced with heavy metals known to impair both cognitive and emotional centers in the brain. So why on earth does it surprise you that our society is becoming more and more dysfunctional and violent ? And more importantly I ask -if this act of violence that happened in Boston, or any act for that matter, bothers you – what are you doing to prevent it?

What are you doing to make this world a safe and better place? The fight begins and ends with you, with every choice you make, every action you undertake, every person/organization you support, every time you turn a blind eye to injustice or take the convenient way out. Are you still waiting for some savior or politician to set the world straight? Then let me tell you they are not coming it is up to you to be your own savior, grow up!Take responsibility and do what you can in your field of influence and it will spread and ripple I promise you!

R.I.P Little Martin Richard may the world learn the right thing from your death and finally get it! My condolences, well wishes and prayers go out to your family who is still praying for your mother and sister to recover ❤

Alex of Mutanthouse 2013


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