Save Mutanthouse!

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Dear friends and supporters we are in trouble here at Mutanthouse. We are 60 days past due on or mortgage. How did we get here? Well a series of very unfortunate events. As you know I (Alex) have been out of work for four years but have been managing by the skin of my teeth, odd jobs , selling my furniture , artwork, Student loans and the likes.
Well the last two months we had a lot of unexpected vet costs and Kay and Tim where evicted from the apartment they were renting across the street. The plan was to fix up the house and then transfer them over but fate wanted it otherwise.

The cleanup and making habitable of some of the rooms cut further into our budget but we thought we would be ok because My (Alex) tax return was going to come in and so was Kay and Tim’s. Then Tim’s place of employment shut down for renovation because he is hourly and not salaried this means two weeks’ worth of pay are not coming in. But we still thought it would be tight but ok because of the tax return – Wrong!

Well the IRs decided to audit my tax return which means that the money will come in god knows when. My scholarship money won’t be here until 4 more weeks by then we will be 3 months past due and they will foreclose on us. The total that we owe them to date is $1342.83 we have $715 of that together which would be one month’s worth plus late fee, but here is the kicker they refuse to take it! They want all or nothing; basically it seems to us that they want our house – but we are not dead yet.

The amount we need is $627.83 we will try anything we can to get the money together but if any of you can contribute and donate to this Wepay I just set up > < we would be more than thankful. In 4 more weeks we will be up and running without a problem but right now everything seems to be out of whack. If you can help please do we are so close to making this place a reality and a benefit to so many animals and people…we do not want to have to give up so close to our goal.
Thank you all for your continued support




6 responses to “Save Mutanthouse!

  1. I would gladly help ,but have no extra myself. I have never owned a house, bed, stove, fridge, at all . Good luck to You and animals. I have been living in abandoned houses in town , icky but works during times too cold to live in vehicle. Maybe get some desert land, pull out junk trailers and live there on the cheap instead?

  2. If there are no other options we might but for now we are not willing to give up. but thanks for the ideas and caring Are you ok ? what town here in high point ? when things simmer down we should talk about things see if we mesh i mean we might be something for you…

      • yes yes it has, not perfect yet but definitely better sorry for my late reply there has been a lot of chaos here of late 🙂 am going to do a state of the nation in a bit too to catch up on things . How have things been for you ?

      • I have acquired but not had surveyed and recorded a plot in Texas desert to pull My theoretical junk trailer if and when I get it. Moved up north and back to work, and mot starved Yet, but I did get My first ticket ever! I sort of got a dwp , driving while poor, hehe going through a rich neighborhood, actually have to go to court! I will keep You guys posted ,and You must tell Me how it goes there also!

      • Please do ❤ and god luck in court 🙂 am writing an update …well more of a novel as we type 😉

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