Meet Little Momma Mutanthouse’s New Resident

This is Little Momma – one of the dogs Mario the back yard breeder who also fought his dogs left behind. She was tied to a tree without shelter on a cattle chain which she could hardly pull behind her. We at Mutanthouse have decided to adopt her because she is so shy and feral she would have no chance in the shelter system even if she was not a Pittbull. This is probably the first time in her life that she has ever walked unchained. Eventually she will be Tim’s baby who instantly fell in love with her when she learns not to be afraid of men. Mario beat her so severely that she is terrified of male humans.We might eventually rename her we will keep you posted.

Poor girl is so scared of everything she was abused and is just slowly regaining trust 😦

She currently lives in the kennel we had Siegfried in until she is less feral

She is discovering how to play she wont do it in front of us quite yet but when we watch her from the windows we have seen her play with her new toys it warms our hearts

Here Kay is working with Little Momma who has come to slowly trust her.

it is work in Progress, but we know that eventually she will come out of her shell and be the amazing dog we know she is. Little momma we love you ❤



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