Zoe and Bhaaloo and a little bit of Siegfried and Roy 2

We here at Mutanthouse are really happy to see how Zoe and Bhaaloo are getting along they have become fast Friends and are inseparable.

Today they went to the vet together to be Spayed and Neutered.

In a Perfect World we could let all doggies have babies, but our world is far from perfect and too many pooches and kittehs die unwanted in shelters. This is why furry Mutanthouse residents are either spayed or neutered; we do not want to contribute to the Shelter suffering and the millions of deaths year.
As I (Alex) type My babies and Siegfried and Roy are at Sheetz pet clinic and all have gone through the procedure.

We will be picking them up shortly. While we wait I thought I would leave you with a treat another video of Zoe and Bhaaloo 😀



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