When it rains it pours :( or how Kay and Tim became homeless –Again!

Dear Mutanthouse supporters,
It seems our bad luck keeps on coming 😦

We just found out that both Morgaine and Franky (Alex Daughter and her boyfriend) and Kay and Tim are being evicted. Morgaine lives in an apartment across of Mutanthouse and we had rented the apartment next to her for Kay and Tim until we could build their house on the property. Today we found out that the apartments are now under new management and they just gave us our 30 day notice.

This comes as a large blow because we invested so much in fixing both apartments and creating a living space for Siegfried and Roy that we now have no idea what to do. Right now we have to rehome two households Morgaine and Franky with their 3 dogs and two cats and Kay and Tim with their 5 dogs and 3 cats, plus poor Siegfried who just received his kennel and now will have to relocate here on the Mutanthouse property.

We are in desperate need of help Kay, Tim and I are looking into getting a caravan they can move into as temporary solution, but Morgaine with her disability and brain tumour cannot live like that. Due to the water and sewage damage in the Main house there is currently no inhabitable space at Mutanthouse for them. We need help desperately because the landlord already collected Morgaine’s rent and she has no money to move or for a security deposit. We also have no idea where to put her.

So we are asking for help if any of your are able to. Morgaine who is a stroke survivor needs to find a place to rent (up to $450 a month), where she can take her 3 dogs and 2 cats with her, within the next 29 days. So if you know of anything in a 50 mile radius around high point, NC that fits that description please let us know. She would prefer a house if possible and does not mind if it needs a little repair.

We also have to come up with $1500-2500 for a camper for Kay and Tim and their babies. Because of the Illnesses and the deaths of the last two months and Kay and Tim’s recent move here our funds are completely depleted, we are in desperate need of help because of the short time frame we have no idea how to deal with this new blow.
If it is in any way possible that you can donate to Kay and Tim relocation fund we would be very thankful. Or even better if you have an RV trailer or camper you could donate or sell us for cheep or in instalment, or could lend us it would be extremely helpful. Please contact us over here or our FB page >
http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Mutanthouse-Project/193566447344664 and let us know.

We found this beautiful one online and are looking into it and hope it is still available.

If you can donate here is the link to the Kay and Tim Relocation fund >
Any amount helps no matter how little ❤ if you cannot donate please pass it on.

Thank you for your time
Alex of Mutanthouse


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