National Geographic now and then or Stop the Melissa Bachman show! Tell National Geographic to say no to a show about killing for sport!

National Geographic plans to film a TV series with “animal murder queen” Melissa Bachman. For those who do not know who she is, Melissa is the host of several shows featuring the hunting and killing of animals for fun.

Here is some video footage of her exploits , please notice the obvious joy she has in terminating the life of these poor creatures!graphic content!

The 27 year old brags that she has been hunting and killing animals since childhood, for some 22 odd years, and despite her often expressed “love for nature and the outdoors” seems to fail to extend that “love” to her animal victims.Here a picture of a pint size Melissa with dead birds>

I guess the family that kills together stays together ? But does that not also apply to the mob ? Here is her self made video Bio – Graphic and disturbing content!

She asserts her online media presence with “kill shots” where she poses with the carcases of her plentiful kills. Sporting her signature pink hunting gear she has become the pinup girl of the hunting community.

Her message is disturbing- killing is fun and sexy! Is this the image National Geographic wants to propagate? As network dedicated to culture and the broadening of horizons National Geographic traditionally holds great influence in society.

Gone are the days where National Geographic Fetured Amasing actevists such as Jane Goodall with wonderful features such as these it seems:(

When did topics such as these become unimportant to them ?

I grew up reading National Geographic and it helped me form into the actevist i am today despite my families values. This is more than painful to watch. has our world gone totally off the deep end? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS National Geographic 😦

National Geographic has a strong influence in the media and its younger readers will learn what now ? It so fun to kill / This animal is so beautiful let me kill it ? the whole thing is so grotesque it seems to be satire, but sadly it is not because
Bachman her self mentioned the new show on her Facebook page (which was taken down today due to the many angry posts).

So dear readers if you are as appalled by all of this as I am please tell National Geographic you find a Melissa Bachman show to be an intolerable venue and that a show about killing animals for sport is unacceptable no matter who hosts it!

Remember this is not a woman hunting for food but someone who is killing for killings sake its revolting and should shock even the meat eaters amongst you. If you agree with me Please sign the Petition!

Earlier today “animal murder queen” Melissa Bachman had posted on her Facebook page that she was going to have her own show on news sparked an outrage amongst animal activists around the globe and several petitions including my first. We come to find out that Bachman exaggerated her role in the upcoming show when an inquiry was made with Net Geo. Here was their response –

Net Geo’s response:
If you’re inquiring about the rumors that we are having Melissa Bachman host a show on our channel, those rumors are false. Melissa Bachman is one outdoorsmen in a larger ensemble cast chosen to navigate the Alaskan terrain for an upcoming National Geographic Channel series. The series – which has just begun production and will likely air sometime next year – is not a platform for any of the featured players and is certainly in no way an endorsement of their activities outside of the show. Rather it is a test of survival and expedition skills passed down through generations as the teams explore the incredible Alaskan landscapes. Any interaction with wildlife during the course of the show will obviously respect any and all of the state’s wildlife procedures and laws, as is standard and expected practice at National Geographic Channel.

We still believe that action must be taken because we believe that people such as Melissa Bachman should not be given any exposure on a network that has a tradition to side with nature preservation

So at this point we altered the petition to request the removal of Bachman on the show instead of removing the show! <Link to petition – thank you in advance!



10 responses to “National Geographic now and then or Stop the Melissa Bachman show! Tell National Geographic to say no to a show about killing for sport!

  1. I will boycott National geographic and encourages my friends and family to do so as well as long as this show stays on the air. Killing for fun is wrong. This is not environmental. Let the animals live in peace!!!

  2. MB is 27? She looks more like she’s pushing her mid 30’s.
    At any rate, Nat. Geo. is doing the right thing by dropping this series FINALLY. A little too late, but better than never… Having said that, I still can’t believe Nat. Geo. even considered doing this series in the first pace – pretty damn disgusting and disappointing – loved to know the panel who OK’d this.

  3. I cant believe it either. You would think that people knew that animals die for their meals. Hunters fees finance most of hunted and non-hunted animals habitat. Most of the peope who post will never give a dime to help animals survive. Peta and hsus give most of your donation to their execs, not the animals. Susan sarandon gets a large chunk. How many animals do you think they have saved? Wake up America. GOD Bless

  4. I think this woman Malissa if she dosnt repent. She dosnt get Jeovah God s approval in his world! So you better Chang if not then I can’t help you.

  5. You people are all uptight no nothings with obviously nothing better to do, America is facing a debt collapse and you’re worried about a woman exercising her god given right to hunt, get over yourselves and find a hobby worthwhile

    • It is interesting how you chose to phrase your retort. First of all if you had researched about our project you would be aware that we are more than addressing the current financial woes. Might I ask what you are doing to assist in this matter? Secondly what GOD are you referring too? there are many and not all are as blood thirsty as the Judeo/Christian one … And just for our information we are not only facing a possible collapse of the money system but a ecological one as well. As much as the plight of animals saddens me going vegan is a great part of surviving what is to come. Financially and Ecologically eating meat is not sustainable. As for hunting these people are not doing it to survive they are doing it out of blood lust …there is a difference! As civilized society we no longer have to kill to sustain ourselves, we choose to!

  6. Melissa Bachmann and people like her think far too much of themselves. It’s up to people to show hunting trophies up for what they are – obscene and very ugly ego boosts for people who are sick in mind and heart – or else why would they think they had done something great?

    A moron could get a gun and shoot a wild animal and they themselves are evidence of that. It’s up to people who care about animals to make sure that nobody wants to be seen dead with a ‘hunting trophy.’ We need to do that without the hate and abuse though or else they can dismiss the objectors as abusers when there is simply no need to be abusive. The facts are damaging enough.

    Hunters are their own worst advertisements. Fancy people being glad you got killed when you are only in your twenties like the guy who got by elephants trampled in Nairobi or somewhere in Africa recently. Knowing how people feel about hunting ought to make them think twice, so that at least they’ll be a great deal more hesistant to boast about it and perhaps find somewhere else more rewarding to spend their excess cash in a way they can get their sick ego boost without attracting the wrong type of attention.

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