Call for Assistance

Dear friends and supporters of Mutanthouse as you know Mutanthouse is home to a lot of elderly furies from which one Jubilee is ailing from liver and kidney related issues, while she is getting batter the vet costs have become astronomical. Our current budget is slightly limited and we are facing an onslaught of vet costs in the next few months – a heartworm treatment and an operation for April Moonflower aka Moo, Shots and recovery care for Little miss trinity aka Wren, Romeo and Mooria Georgina, need to be tested for heartworm, Stella, Sophia and Moobert Oi all need their shots and it is fleas season so with 27 furies not including the local strays we are trying to assist there is a lot coming. Also although little Hariette teeth have recovered in our care one of them is sadly beyond redemption and will need to be removed. We have still not decided if we shall treat miss Luna for heartworm due to her advanced age but if she remains stable another $400 will be added to the bill..Then we have Cassiopeia our resident stray that we want to being into the house but first have to have evaluated and vetted..The list goes on and on …we would be thankful for any assistance you can provide no amount is to small.

There are two ways you can help us one call our veterinarian at high point veterinary clinic and say that you would like to make a donation toward our account which is under Alex’s name ( Alexandra von Streer Henderson ) .Telephone number is 336 889 3832 (if you are calling from outside of the U.S 0011 1 336 889 3832 ).

Or you can use our newly created Chip in

Also physical donations of Dog and cat food, blankets toys, treats, cat little , scratch trees , building material , dog houses, fencing and netting , dog and cat care products are always very welcome and thankfully accepted. There are a lot of backyard dogs with no shelter in this neighbourhood so doghouses will provide them with better living conditions. Please massage us on either

our blog:

or Facebook page:

If you have something you would like to donate 🙂

As always thank you for all you help and support your Mutanthouse team 😀


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