To build a garden the first step toward Independence

This year we started small but we are proud of our little tomato and bell-pepper plants 😀



But we have great ambitions toward planning and creating a full fledged garden for 2011.

We have decided that we would love to engage in both conventional and hydroponic gardening as well as aquaphonics. For this we will eventually need a green house. Because Mutanthouse is a VEGAN project we will not be stuffing our fish in ugly dark tanks but will be building them a habitat. We want to create a beautiful living space for our fish with tons of room to swim and play. We decided that the greenhouse should be sustainable therefore should be built out of old windows and doors.

Here some ideas that inspired us

Here more ideas that inspired us:

If you would like to contribute to this project there are several things you can do –

Donate building material – we need:

Wood – planks, poles, fencing, lattice, Doors, posts, pillars, old windows
Red or/and black bricks
Stone or concrete tiles
Seeds, Plants and fruit trees
Bamboo plants to keep out nosy Neighbors
Chicken wire
Tin roofing
Food grad PVC pipes
Wooden water barrels
Any kind of garden tools and equipment
pond liner
water pump
Solar panels (even damaged ones )

Or you can donate you time and help build it

Please contact me via message on our Facebook page if you are considering these options:

You can also donate to garden fund here >

Every penny help and is appreciated 😀


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