Pooch freedom and play Haven for the Mutanthouse MutMuts :D

We have a huge back yard for the Mutanthouse Pooches to run in the problem is that the fences are to low and we have some fence jumpers. We would really like to build up the fences and turn the full back yard into a pooch paradise. With playground and all 😀

Here are some ideas we found online of things we might like to build for them:

If you would like to contribute to this project there are several things you can do –

Donate building material – we need:

Wood – planks, poles, fencing, lattice, Doors, posts, pillars
Chain link fencing
Red or/and black bricks
Stone or concrete tiles
Citronella plants to keep away bugs
Bamboo plants to keep out nosy Neighbors
Chicken wire
Dog doors
Dog houses
Cedar shavings

Or you can donate you time and help build it 😀

Please contact me via message on our Facebook page if you are considering these options:


You can also donate to the pooch playground fund here >

Every penny help and is appreciated 😀


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