Mutanthouse Stands with Lennox !

This is a Letter I sent to Michelle O’Neill, Northern Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development. She holds the last appeal for Lennox the poor pooch who was framed and has been held in doggy prison for over a year now. He is awaiting execution although he has never bitten or attacked anyone. Please write her an e-mail to tell her how you feel and ask her to pardon Lennoxand release him to his family or one of the Dogtrasiners who have offered to give him a home.Below is the ministers email, please make good use of it!

Here the letter I sent her Lets hope it does something …I feel so sad for this poor pooch look how sad he looks 😦

Dear Minister O’Neill,

At this point you have probably received countless emails asking you to please pardon Lennox, the poor pooch who was framed and sentenced to death. I would like to respectfully align myself amongst these petitioners and beg for mercy for this Dog, who has never harmed anyone and is being murdered for the sole reason of breed.

Ample evidence has been presented that the city council has given multiple false statements on the character of Lennox committed perjury to the highest degree without consequence and seemingly with great success. This cruel and villainous behavior captured a world audience who after watching this travesty unfold has built resentment, not only toward the men and women in office who are responsible, but also against your country. If Lennox should be executed I believe there will be extensive economical and diplomatic ramifications.

Your tourist industry will, more than likely, suffer a severe blow considering the emotional climate and posts on numerous social networking sites. This might not bode well with corporate investors who would like to invest in your country and industry.

In truth however the only valid reason is the saving of an innocent life. Lennox is suffering, and because he is a non human he has no reasoning on why he was taken from his family and left in rot in a cold lonely cell. Dogs are social creatures and the prolonged isolation is comparable to torture, what has this being done to justify this? Can you justify this to yourself?

If however Lennox suffering is deemed irrelevant to you and you cannot find Mercy for a poor lonely mistreated being, I implore you to at least take the economic ramifications into account and grant Lennox a pardon on these grounds If you do not want him in your country there is always the option of exile, he has been offered sanctuary by numerous prominent dog trainers and behavioral experts in and outside of your country. I beg you to either hand him back to his grieving family or to another loving source willing to provide him with a new lease on life.

In good faith that the right and honorable decision will be made –

Alexandra xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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