A little rant and questioning

You say you want to change the world, and yes human rights and happiness are imensly important, but we also have to take responsibly for our actions. We cannot just focus on our well being, we cannot base our happiness on the bones of others. We need to stop killing Animals just because we like our sausage, as dominant species we have the responsibility to ensure the well being of all living things. we need to bank on green technology because our gas guzzler might look great but they are killing us and the world around us. We need to make sure the things we buy where not made by child labourers, its not ok that we in our greed over look a childhood being robbed! Life is sacred, before we kill we need to think very hard if it is avoidable. taking a life even of that tree that is causing to much shade in your back yard, it impacts the world on many levels , even if you do not notice it. quantum physics teaches us that we to a very large extent crate our individual reality according to our mindset. Do you want to live in a reality where weaker beings are exploited and killed? In a world where there is enough food to feed the entire planet 3 times over , but economic senseabilities prevent that? You want to chop down a tree just to wipe you behind with the softest tissue , while the world lunge is collapsing ? And i can here you say what is one person to do , i am powerless…and granted you will not change all of this on you own , but you can change your self and inspire the people around you . And believe me every lobby or interest group impacting this planet is made out of individuals, so you are not powerless. If you choose to change , if you choose to care you will become a cell in the body of change and a better future it does not get better than that !


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